Types of Private Jets for Business Jet Charters – Mid Size Jets

The mid size jets are ideal for travel to distances greater than that can be covered by most light jet aircraft. The seating capacity is also more in mid size jets as compared to light jets, moreover their ability to operate from smaller airports give them an edge even over large passenger planes and airliners. Some of these jets have special cargo stowing spaces to accommodate more luggage and larger objects. The comfort and luxury offered by the mid size jets, while maintaining the economy and flexibility, these planes are an ideal choice amongst the available private jets for business jet charters.

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Types of Private Jets for Business Jet Charters – Turbo Props

Turbo props are the choice for companies that like to have economy coupled with luxury while travelling. Whenever the destination in question is a smaller airport with a shorter runway, the best choice when looking for private jets for business jet charters are always Turbo Props. This is so because of the Turbo Prop’s ability to land and take off at incredibly slow speeds, enabling it to require much less take off and landing runs. Most of the Turbo Props are used for shorter to medium distance travelling, and the number of passengers they carry is normally not very large.

Basic Difference between a Jet and a Turbo Prop

The basic difference between a Turbo Prop and a jet is the propulsion method employed to fly the aircraft; while the jet aircraft use jet engines and the jet wash to fly, a Turbo Prop uses a combustion engine to power propellers that in turn provide the required propulsion for it to sustain flight. This use of a propeller and the combustion turbine ensures fuel economy and added reliability for a turbo prop when compared to a jet aircraft. Whenever companies seek private jets for business jet charters for small delegations that have to travel over relatively shorter distance, they opt for Turbo Props.

Types of Turbo Props in Operations

Many different companies have manufactured a large number of Turbo Props; these aircraft come in different sizes with varying seating or cargo capacities. There are many single and multi crew Turbo Props in operations today and these aircraft are mostly seen as rival to the light jet aircrafts. Two categories of Turbo Props are the Executive Turbo Props and the Commuter Turbo Props, where the former are smaller and the later larger. The Embraer 120/121 is an eight seater executive Turbo Prop, and with a pressurized cabin can fly at levels up to 28000 feet. Commuter Turbo Props include the ATR 72 and the Jetstream 41; both these airplanes can fly at speeds above 500 kilometers an hour, and can seat dozens of passengers.

Common Models of Turbo Props for Hire

A few of the most common types of Turbo Props that are in operations, and fall close to the category of the private jets for business jet charters include:

  • The Beechcraft series of 100, 200, 300, 350, C90, E90, and Super F90 models by King Air.
  • Beechcraft L1900 series.
  • Cessna Caravan and Conquest.
  • Navajo, Cheyenne, and Seneca models of the Piper
  • Avanti P 180
  • Dornier 228
  • Fairchild Merlin and Metro series.

Benefits of Turbo Props; Reliability, Economy, Endurance

Low cost of operations and hire are the most compelling benefits of Turbo Props especially when added to the advantage of operations over virtually every airport, and even sometimes semi prepared surfaces by these versatile aircraft. The pitch reversal feature of the propellers and the slow touchdown speeds together reduce the landing run required by this type of aircraft to a minimal distance, and the slow speed take off ensures that the aircraft gets airborne with a very short take off run. The Executive Turbo Props are the favored choice among private jets for business jet charters for many different purposes like executive travel, cargo movement, or even special operations like sky diving etc. The economy, reliability, and endurance of the Turbo Props make them a preferred choice for hire from the range of private jets for business jet charters by leading businesses all over the world.

Types of Private Jets for Business Jet Charters – Very Light Jets

Private jets for business jet charters are classified into many different categories based on many divergent factors, some of which include ‘All Up Weight’ of the aircraft, seating capacity, number of crew required, and radius of operations. The basic classification of these types of jets is very light jets, light jets, midsize jets, large jets, airliners, and Turboprop (these are not jets). Very light jets are the smallest variant of the Private Jets for Business Jet Charters, and are sometimes called Microjets.

Very light jets represent a futuristic concept of commuting, where a solo pilot can handle a short quick flight for a group of four to eight passengers. With an ability to land at Smaller airports in remote areas, and relatively cheaper cost of operations, the VLJ aims to be the leading jet for small business delegations. Private jets for business jet charters are sought by companies that need quick and efficient transportation system, with an aim to offer a relaxing travel experience for their employees and executives. Very Light Jets are custom made to offer affordable costs for charter services to smaller groups over shorter distances in an enjoyable manner.

Types of Very Light Jets in Flying Operations

Many manufacturing giants are working to produce their own versions of this Microjet; however, the types of very light jets that have actually been produced and operated are:

  • Cessna Citation Mustang

Citation Mustang is the first generation very light jet produced by the Cessna Company, the first aircraft rolled out of the production lines in 2006. AT the cruise speeds of above 390 mph, Mustang is the fastest aircraft of this genre of Cessna. A certified single pilot operations aircraft, Citation Mustang has a large cargo bay to store a lot of luggage. This aircraft can seat four passengers and its operational range is above 1300 miles.

  • Phenom 100

Phenom 100 has a cruising speed of 380 mph and its range is 1335 miles; it can be configured to seat six passengers, but is normally four seated in the business luxury configuration. A wide cabin and a high cabin floor make Phenom 100 the most spacious very light jet.

  • Eclipse 500

Eclipse 500 was developed specifically with the capability to take off and land on shorter runways; this feature gave this aircraft an ability to operate on more than 10,000 airports in the United States alone. Two pilots operate this twin-engine jet, and it has a six passenger’s comfortable seating layout. An aircraft with slow landing speed, Eclipse 500 can cruise at 380 mph.

The Future of Very Light Jets

The VLJs were developed to challenge the monopoly of Turbojets over cheap hiring costs; these aircraft were specifically designed to lead the private jets for business jet charters through low expanses and faster speeds. Many businesses and companies increasingly prefer private jets for business jet charters to meet their demanding schedules in a luxurious and expedient way. Very light jets offer a very affordable solution for small group travel in a most convenient way, and are thus among the top choices for hire by business executives everywhere. Very light jets perhaps represent the future of air travel by the leading corporate sector of the world over shorter distances.

International Business Jet Charter – Boeing Business Jets

Time equals money and when you’re conducting business on an international basis, it’s important to be able to do so without long flights, long lines and delays at the airport. By reserving a business jet charter you can cut your travel time by hours, remove distractions that prevent you from getting work done on the plane, and receive personalized attention in-flight.

A successful business professional realizes the importance of efficiency. When you charter Boeing Business jet for business trips overseas you’re able to increase your efficiency while traveling in style. A Boeing business jet charter sets the standard for travel flexibility with complete global access and the type of attentive, personalized service you’d expect from an elite travel service.

Your safety and comfort are of the utmost importance on a business jet charter so when you charter a Boeing business jet you can rest assure that your flight is secure and safe. Our experienced, professional flight crews attend on-going training in both general and aircraft-specific areas. This, coupled with your crew’s commitment to service, creates an in-flight experience unlike any other, and enables you to direct your attention to the work at-hand or relax and sleep before your next business meeting.

Reserving a business jet charter is as much about business as it is about luxury and comfort. When you charter Boeing business jets it’s like taking your office and staff along with you, while receiving the concierge-like attention of a crew that’s at your disposal.

There are a number of reasons why you might benefit from using a business jet charter. If your business travels need to be conducted in a timely manner and will take you to several destinations within the span of a few days, a Boeing business charter can work with your schedule. International business air travel with regular airlines means you must work your business around the schedule of the airline. By chartering a Boeing business jet, you remove the obstacles from your work day, along with the stress it causes. The resulting efficiency lets you focus on work, which is vital to successful business transactions.

When your international business schedule consists of a breakfast meeting in one country and dinner with a client in a neighboring country, it’s important that you have the ability to work or rest undisturbed while on the go. A business jet charter provides you with the luxury of an office should you need to work in-flight, as well as a place to relax or sleep without interruptions.

A business jet charter is more than just a quick, comfortable way to travel. On a Boeing business jet, you’re provided with essential communication that allows you uninterrupted communication with your office back home as well as your business connections abroad. Take full advantage of email, fax and printer capabilities to prepare for business meetings and presentations. Stay in touch with staff members and manage your business from the comfort of your seat.

Boeing business jet charter serves professional business people, government officials and heads of state. Reserving a jet charter couldn’t be easier. Since your business jet charter needs are important to us, we provide you with the individualized attention of an account manager who takes time to understand your needs and how best to meet them. Because we understand that urgent business matters often require last minute reservations, we’re available to assist you 24/7.

You’ve invested countless hours into your business career and it’s time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. Boeing business jet charter partners with you to get the job done, while doing it in comfort and style.