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Types of Private Jets for Business Jet Charters – Mid Size Jets

The mid size jets are ideal for travel to distances greater than that can be covered by most light jet aircraft. The seating capacity is also more in mid size jets as compared to light jets, moreover their ability to operate from smaller airports give them an edge even over large passenger planes and airliners. Some of these jets have special cargo stowing spaces to accommodate more luggage and larger objects. The comfort and luxury offered by the mid size jets, while maintaining the economy and flexibility, these planes are an ideal choice amongst the available private jets for business jet charters.

These stylish jets are faster than most of the other smaller jets and can travel in the range of 500 mph. The best thing about mid size jets is that almost all of these aircraft have a lavatory to facilitate the passengers. Whenever companies seek the most luxurious travel experience for their executives, the first choice amongst the private jets for business jet charters is almost always mid size jets.

Prominent Mid Size Jets of Today

Many mid size business jets are in operations today, and some of the best aircraft manufacturers are involved in the production of these types of aircraft. Different types of the mid size jets have been flown in the past; popular models of these jets that are still in use include

  • Learjet series 40XR, 55, 55B, 55C, 60, and 60XR
  • Cessna Citation series III, VI, VII, Excel 7, and XLS Plus
  • Hawker series 600A, 700, 800, 800XP, and 1000A
  • Falcon 20F and 20F5
  • Premier I
  • Gulfstream 100 and200

Except for the fourteen and fifteen seat Hawker 600A and 1000A respectively, nearly all of these midsize private jets for business jet charters come with an eight to ten seat plan. Average range of operations for these luxury jets is above 2000 miles, and they can stay in the air for four to five hours on maximum performance.

Many Experts See the Midsize Jets as Future of Business Travel

Most of the mid size jet category aircraft in use today incorporate a seating plan that offers maximum comfort and leg space to the commuters. Many other special privileges are offered for each occupant of a seat in the plane, like personalized audio/video links, laptop consoles, and even the internet and data link. The privacy of a mid size jet travel and the appetizing choice foods and drinks available onboard, never let the passengers go through even a moment of discomfort or displeasure while travelling in these luxury jets. Labeled as the future of business travel, the mid size jets are easily the most sought after private jets for business jet charters by the contemporary corporate leaders. The reclining chairs of these mid size jets can be adjusted to a very comfortable level and thus offer very relaxed and enjoyable travel experience. Definitely, morale boosters for the company employees, mid size jets offer unmatched luxury and comfort for executive travel. Private jets for business jet charters, specially the midsize private jets are a status symbol for business leaders around the globe and the trend is catching on with each passing day.

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